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Rubber Scraper

A kitchen that does not have at least one rubber scraper it is incomplete kitchen.

Rubber scrapers have been around for many, many years and are one of the most used kitchen utensils up to this era.


Basically, a rubber scraper is composed of a spatula-like piece of rubber (actually, they are interchangeable called a rubber spatula) attached to the opposite end of the handle.


Generally, they are used to scrape containers clean, frost a cake easily and neatly, and to mix dry and wet ingredients.  


Rubber spatulas come in a variety of sizes and colors. Usually, if you’re very interested in cooking, you’ll need few of these rubber scrapers in different sizes. 


The size of a rubber spatula can convey its purpose. Large rubber spatulas are best for mixing and scraping dough off of a mixing bowl. And small rubber scrapers are best used to clean out the sides of containers when cooking. 


They may look like ordinary kitchen utensils, but using rubber spatulas in cooking can actually save you some dollars that often go to trash. By using small size rubber scrapers to extract sticky or hard to reach dregs in a jar and other containers, you make use of the entire content.


That alone saves money since you won’t need more of the same ingredient. And when scraping the sides of a mixing bowl for dough rather than throwing the dough away, you can save on making another batch and get yourself a whole new cookie.  


There are two types of rubber used in creating a rubber spatula. First of all, there is the conventional rubber. This type was the first material ever used to make rubber scrapers, and have served many chefs and home cooks for many years.


The only problem with regular rubber spatulas is that they get old and brittle in the long run. Another concern that goes with conventional rubber is its poor ability to resist heat. For generations, melted rubber has been the concern of rubber scraper makers. 


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The new kind of rubber spatula is the silicone rubber spatula. Silicone is a kind or rubber which is resistant to intense heat and lasts longer than conventional rubber. This material addresses the need for durable and long lasting rubber scrapers able to withstand extreme heat which is normal when cooking. 



Rubber scrapers are easy to find in any kitchen hardware store, so you won’t have a problem looking for a set of them. When choosing a set of rubber scrapers, it is important to get a brand that is trusted and that you have heard good reviews about. Some low quality rubber scrapers easily break right after being bought. 



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Cases of handle-less rubber scrapers and broken heads are common among low quality rubber scrapers. Better quality and trusted brand rubber scrapers are usually a little more expensive, but considering the durability of the rubber scraper, you will find that it is worth the little bit extra. 


The handle of the scraper can be made with plastic or metal. If you choose to purchase those with metal handles, make sure that the type of metal attached to the scraper is rust proof. The size of the handle must also be put into consideration. A 12” long rubber scraper is better than those that go below 10”. You don’t want to burn your hand while cooking, right? 

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